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Zelle® Pay it Safe​ Education Center

Welcome to the Zelle® Pay it Safe Education Center. We’re here to empower you with knowledge on using Zelle® safely and avoiding common scams.


Explore resources, test your knowledge and get new tips on how to keep your money safe in a digital world.


How to use Zelle® safely

Find resources about the​ best ways to use Zelle® safely


Understanding Scams

Learn how to spot common payment scams and tactics

How to Pay it Safe with Zelle®


Only Send Money to Those You Trust

With Zelle®, you can send money from your account to someone else’s within minutes1. It’s a great way to pay friends, family, your coworkers and almost anyone else you trust, but it shouldn’t be used to pay strangers.


Beware of Payment Scams

Zelle® doesn’t offer a protection program for authorized payments, so only use Zelle® to pay people you know and trust.


Treat Zelle® Like Cash

Money moves fast - directly into the enrolled recipient’s bank account. Always double check you have the recipient’s correct U.S. mobile number or email address, so the money goes to the right person.