What does the purple “Z” on my contacts mean?

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What does the purple “Z” on my contacts mean?

Knowing your friends, family and those you trust are enrolled with Zelle® is simple, we’ve tagged your contacts that are already using Zelle® with a purple “Z”. Don’t see the purple “Z” on a contact? Not a problem! You can still send them money with Zelle®.

What are my options if I don't want others to see the purple "Z" and know that I'm using Zelle®?

At present, the only option is to unenroll from Zelle®. We don't want to see you leave, but if you've made that decision, here is how you can unenroll:

If you're enrolled with your debit card through the Zelle® app you can use the unenroll option in the Zelle® app. Or you can contact our customer support team to unenroll. You can reach our customer support team toll-free at 844-428-8542.

If you are using Zelle® through your mobile banking app, please contact your bank or credit union to unenroll with Zelle®.

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