Consumer Research

Digital Payments and Lifestyles in a Post-Vaccine World

Background: The May 2021 report provides insights into how consumers plan to navigate in a post-vaccine world. Several lifestyle and financial topics are explored, including the use of P2P services to send and receive money, increase usage of digital banking apps, the likelihood to travel and attend social gatherings, gifting, paying for children's activities, and the ability to identify a scam. Research is based on a tracking study of consumers ages 18-72.

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Financial Literacy and Confidence

Background: This study unveils key findings in consumer behavior around financial literacy, specifically a break down in generational habits. The report highlights where consumers are gaining their financial knowledge, scams, and what preventive measures consumers are taking to protect and educate themselves.

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A Glimpse of What to Expect… Consumers and Their Finances 2021

Background: The January 2021 report provides insights into several financial topics impacting consumers across generations, based on a tracking study of consumers ages 18-72. From financial fitness to leveraging digital banking in a pandemic, learn more about consumer sentiments at the start of 2021.

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Holidays 2020 Consumer Behaviors, Winter 2020

Background: Winter 2020,the Consumer Payment Behaviors Report details the impact the COVID crisis has had on consumers’—ages 18-72—financial and digital behaviors, which are impacting their spending (tipping, donations, gift giving, monetary assistance, etc.) and shopping habits. Key findings include: Consumers appear to be changing their holiday planning due to the crisis, with many scaling down or postponing celebrations. Nearly half of consumers indicate their holiday budgets will be smaller this year compared to last. The majority of consumers indicate they will spend any cash received this holiday season on needs (bills and food) and contributions to savings. Nearly four in ten consumers are planning to donate money to an organization or friend in need. Concern over the risk of being targeted by financial scams or fraud continues to increase steadily throughout the coronavirus crisis.
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Financial Literacy & Interpersonal Payment Behavior, October 2020

Background: Since the beginning, the COVID crisis has impacted many consumers and most express concern about the future. More than four in ten respondents have experienced a decrease in household income since the beginning, with lower-income households impacted most heavily. The crisis is also spurring the adoption of online banking and financial services, with 17% of respondents indicating they have either started using or plan to start using mobile deposit, and twenty percent started or planned to begin using P2P services. Living situations are also changing; more than two-thirds of GenZ and one-quarter of Millennials have either moved in with someone else or had someone move in with them. Financial literacy continues to be necessary, with all age cohorts expressing a high level of interest in improving their financial literacy. Most age cohorts feel their generations are the most financially literate, but most GenZ consumers think their generation is least financially literate.
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Consumer Payment Behaviors, September 2020

Background: September 2020, the Consumer Payment Behaviors Report details the impact the COVID crisis has had on consumers’—ages 18-72—financial and digital behaviors, which are impacting their spending (tipping, donations, gift giving, monetary assistance, etc.) and shopping habits. For example. more than four in ten respondents indicate lower overall household spending since the beginning of the crisis. The crisis seems to also be spurring adoption of online banking and financial services. Seventeen percent of respondents indicated they have either started using, or plan to start using, mobile deposit and twenty percent started or plan to start using P2P services.
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Senior Research, Spring/Summer 2020

Background: Spring 2020, Senior Research Report details measurement of consumers’—ages 55 and older—interactions with, and usage of, payment solutions and related emerging technologies across the broad digital landscape. Nearly 50% of those surveyed responded that they are using P2P payments more frequently since the start of COVID-19, while 77% rated their experience of using P2P as ‘very easy’.
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Gifting Study Report, December 2019

Background: The 2019 Holiday Survey details gift-giving desires and trends this season. At the top of the list for 2019 are group gifting and gifting money. According to the latest Zelle data, family and friends are most likely to come together and gift memorable experiences and opportunities this holiday season - over four out of five consumers (81%) have split the cost of a gift with someone else. In this year’s survey, 65% of individuals stated they prefer the gift of money to pay for experiences, bills, or personal spending.
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Weddings and Gifts, 2019

Background: "In today's modern world, weddings - and the traditions around them - are changing and evolving. Wedding etiquette has shifted along with the changing times in order to meet the needs of today's digitally savvy couples. I recommend using Zelle® because it’s a fast, safe and easy way for the couple, the family, the guests and the bridal party to send and receive funds associated with everything from gifting and group travel to pre-wedding events - turning what used to be a hassle (and an etiquette headache!) into happiness for the couple on their big day and beyond." – Elaine Swann, Etiquette Expert
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Digital Payments Adoption Study, March 2019

Background: While person-to-person (P2P) payments are popular among all generations, study results found that Generation X and Boomers are driving broader adoption of P2P. A survey of more than 1,500 U.S consumers found that 50% of first time P2P users are aged 45 and older, with growing confidence and trust in digital payments being a strong driver of trial and usage.
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Holiday Survey, November 2018

Background: More than 500 U.S. online consumers participated in a digital survey focused on consumer preferences around holiday gifting and money matters. The national survey found that nearly 50% of those surveyed plan to give money this holiday season, while the majority (58%) prefer to receive money as a gift.
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Digital Payments Adoption Study, July 2018

Background: The study found that adoption and usage of digital person-to-person (P2P) payments are high among all generations, with consumers pointing to trust in friends and family and trust in their financial institutions as the primary reasons for engaging in a digital payment. Boomers ranked trust in financial institutions as the most important influence on engaging in a digital payment, while Millennials and Generation X ranked recommendations from friends/family/peers as their primary influence.
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