Video: What are Military Scams?

What are Military Scams?

While you're defending our country, we want to make sure your family is safe from potential threats, too.

Military scams aim to take advantage of deployment, relocation, or publicly available information to trick you into sending money. This can take many forms, like fake debt collectors with urgent notices, grant applications supposedly sent from government agencies, or donation requests from suspicious charity organizations.

In reality, criminals are attempting to create a sense of panic or pull on your heartstrings to get you to respond without thinking.

To help protect yourself, remember to slow down and do thorough research into any organizations legitimacy before engaging or providing sensitive information. It’s best to regularly monitor your credit score, bank statements and other financial documents to keep an eye out for anything unexpected.

Your military branch also likely has specific recovery procedures; so it’s a good idea to research how to respond if you detect suspicious activity.

If money has already been sent, contact your financial institution directly at the number listed on the back of your bank-issued debit card, in your banking app, or the bank’s official website.