Video: Protecting Your Small Business from Scams

You work hard for your small business.

There’s a lot effort behind every dollar you earn, save, and invest. So when it comes to small business scams, it’s important to know what to look for. These occur when a scammer tricks you into sending them money or revealing sensitive information, often disguised as routine expenses associated with running a small business.

To protect your small business from scams, pay close attention to invoices and other communications requesting payment.

Always make sure you’ve received the items or services listed, and that you actually ordered them. If unsure, confirm with other employees and educate them to do the same. It’s also a good idea to conduct regular audits of your financials, so you can be alerted of anything that doesn’t add up. For added peace of mind, separate any personal banking and credit card information from your business accounts.

Above all, remember to slow down and ask questions.

If you detect suspicious activity, don’t engage. If payment has already been made, contact your financial institution directly at the number listed on the back of your bank-issued debit card, in your banking app, or the bank’s official website. To learn about other scams, and ways to protect yourself, visit