Video: How to Spot a Ticket Scam

A packed show can make for a memorable night.

But be careful. Sold out and high demand events are primary targets for Ticket Scams.

Ticket Scams occur when a scammer tricks you into sending them money in exchange for a ticket that doesn’t exist.

This could be a counterfeit ticket complete with forged barcodes and real company logos, or a photocopy of a genuine ticket already sold.

Be on the lookout for sellers insisting on payment through Zelle® or another direct payment method, keeping in mind that certain payment types can’t be refunded.

If you’re unable to verify a seller’s legitimacy, it’s best to find tickets elsewhere. Whenever possible, purchase tickets on presale, at the venue box office, or from an authorized third-party seller.

When it comes to ticket scams, remember to slow down and ask questions.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If payment has already been made, contact your financial institution directly at the number listed on the back of your bank-issued debit card, in your banking app, or the bank’s official website.