Video: How to Spot a Job Scam

Finding a job is a job.

Searching through countless descriptions, submitting dozens of applications; it’s no surprise when a promising offer comes along, you’re eager to learn more. But be careful. Fake postings and illegitimate recruiters make up a growing number of Job Scams. These scams occur when a scammer tricks you into sending them money or revealing sensitive information often through email, social media, and on popular job sites.

In some cases, a scammer may post an opening appearing to be from a real company, promising a tempting salary and great benefits for little experience.

Before submitting an application, be sure to research a company to verify its authenticity. Once engaged, the scammer may request an upfront fee for things like training, equipment, or background checks. However, a legitimate employer will never ask you to pay for a job. Similarly, be on the lookout for employment agencies offering to help you find a job in exchange for compensation. Chances are, the alleged recruiter is really a scammer in disguise.

When it comes to job scams, remember to slow down and ask questions.

If you detect suspicious activity, report the user to your job posting platform. If payment has already been made, contact your financial institution directly at the number listed on the back of your bank-issued debit card, in your banking app, or the bank’s official website.