Just in Time Notice for Zelle® App

Just in Time Notice for Zelle® App

Early Warning Services, LLC, the operator of the Zelle® Application (“Zelle®” or “we”) collects the following types of information about you, when you use this Application (“App”). You either enter this information into the App or agree to its collection/accessing automatically by the App. We may share the information collected/accessed with third parties. If you do not consent to our access, collection, sharing or transmission of the data as indicated below, please do not use this App.

  • Apps downloaded/used - Bank or financial institution applications that you have downloaded for banks that are in our network of financial institutions, to and from which money can be transferred.

  • Biometrics – TouchID information to verify your identity with your fingerprints as well as your voice in order to authenticate your identity and to protect the security of your account. Please note that any person with a fingerprint authenticated for TouchID on a device will have the ability to use this App if TouchID is enabled on this App.

  • Contacts/address book - The names of your contacts and their phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, and other contact information, so that you can transfer money to and from people in your contact list for your convenience and enhanced experience.

  • Geo-Location (GPS, WiFi, or user-entered) – Your precise past or current location and the history of where you have gone.

  • Mobile Phone Number – When shared with us, we collect your mobile number as a means for communicating payment notifications to you and also as a token for authenticating your identity. We also collect the mobile number of any individual which you provide to us for the purpose of facilitating money transfers.

  • Email Address – We collect your email address when you register an account and to provide you notifications regarding payment transfers and also as a token for authenticating your identity. We also collect the email address of any individual which you provide to us for the purpose of facilitating money transfers.

  • User’s Name – Your full name so that we can customize our messages to you and so that we can identify the sender and recipient of a money transfer.

  • Financial and Payment Information – Your bank financial information to process your money transfers both to and from your bank account.

  • Health and medical information – We may collect any health information you specifically provide to us in the memo field when sending a payment.

  • Passwords – Passwords you have entered or saved to access your account so if you have trouble accessing your account, we can help. We may also collect your password associated with your banking credentials with your permission in order to connect your banking information with the app and also for verification purposes.

  • Photos – Photos you upload to your profile as well as your contacts’ photos so that you can more easily transfer money to your contacts. We also allow you to use your camera to capture an image of your banking card for the purpose of connecting your bank information to your account.

  • Identity of the Data Subject – Information that identifies you as the owner of this device or the person providing information to us as well as for purposes of authenticating your identity and processing transactions on your behalf.

  • Cross Device Tracking and Device Graph – Information that shows other devices you use, including the fingerprint you use to access your devices as well as other nonpersonal data that identifies you as the user of your other devices. Device graphs can be created by combining nonpersonal data regarding use of smartphones and other devices with personal log-in information to track interactions with content across multiple devices.

  • Unique Device ID (UDID) – the unique series of numbers and letters assigned to your device.

  • Unique Device Tokens – an address from the app platform for your device so that we can send you push notifications.

  • Unique Identifier Header – header information such as the device type, preferred language and content support so that we create de-identified reports.

  • Identity of the Phone – name of this device given by the user, e.g. “John Doe’s phone.”

  • Date of Birth – In some cases, your date of birth for authentication purposes.

  • Security – Certain security measures such as firewalls, data encryption, physical access controls to our data centers and information access authorization control to help protect your personal information.

  • Bluetooth – When you turn on Zelle®’s Nearby setting to be notified when other Zelle® App users are near you, we will use your device’s Bluetooth functionality to identify and notify you of other Zelle® App users near you. Also, enabling Nearby will allow other Zelle® users to be notified that you are near them.

Further information about the third parties we share or transmit your information with:

  • Service Providers or Vendors” are under contract to assist with business operations such as, but not limited to, screening and authentication of your identity and your account.  
  • Banks and Financial Institutions” are banks or financial institutions that you use, which we share information with for the purpose of authenticating your identity and your account and processing money transfers to or from your account.

By using this App, I agree that Zelle® may collect the information above and share with third parties pursuant to Zelle®’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.