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December 13, 2017

All year long you heard your parents talk about wanting a certain something. You know they’d never go out and buy it on their own, so it’s the perfect present to get them this year. Unfortunately, the price tag is a bit frightful .

Probably not the best idea to go at it solo. So you ask your sibs to chip in on it. They agree.

You make the purchase, wrap it up beautifully, have them sign the card, and then it’s confirmed. Best. Gift. Ever. Mom and dad LOVED it.

November 21, 2017

Hosting Friendsgiving is a great way to bring all your favorite people together over a delicious meal. And while it’s a joyous occasion, it can take a lot of coordination. From meal planning, logistics and the ever-growing invite list, hosting a large dinner party often means a grocery bill that’s just as big.

November 07, 2017

My week nights are spent chauffeuring my son to and from practice, and my weekends going from one game to the next. It. Never. Stops. And, while it's tiresome, and I may complain at times, I do love it. There is nothing better than seeing your kid’s smiling face as he slides safely into home plate, or the fist pump he gives you before going out to the court to win the championship basketball game.

Those smiles and tears of joy (and sometimes a heartbreaking loss) cost money!

November 01, 2017

Whether it’s dancing at a concert, road tripping down the Pacific Coast Highway with old college buddies, or serious #Adulting like chipping in for your high-schooler’s prom festivities, life is always moving. So money should, too.

Today we’re launching, “This is how money moves®,” Zelle’s nationwide brand campaign celebrating the energy and joy of life lived in motion.

October 24, 2017

Imagine this: You, your best pals and your car. All together thanks to a last-minute idea sent over group text. Road tripping back to where you all met more than a decade ago. Your alma mater. Ashley decided it was in your best interest to head back for homecoming (because you’re all getting old).

Whether it’s to reconnect with fellow alumni at a homecoming football game, or a quick trip to see your favorite band play in another city for the night, road trips with friends are a blast – and go by too fast.

Before hitting the road, map out some of the details so things like determining who

September 18, 2017

A new school year means reconnecting with old friends and making new ones – not just for the kids but even for parents, too. Back-to-school season means a return to packed lunches, carpools, field trips, after-school programs and team sports.

While we love that our kids get to participate in fun activities, these costs can start to add up. Whether it's pitching in for the cost of a few dozen cookies for a PTA meeting, filling up the gas tank for a field trip, or reimbursing an unexpected school supplies purchase, money can be a sore subject. However, minimizing the awkwardness of sending

September 12, 2017

“Sorry, I have to run to the ATM.”

“Anyone have change for a $50 bill?”

“Ugh, I ran out of checks.” (Or let’s face it—“How do you write a check, again?”)

We’ve all been there.

Whether it’s splitting the dinner bill for girls’ night out, gently reminding your co-worker she still owes her share for the baby shower gift, or sending money to your first-year college student, we need money in the moment so life can keep moving.

August 30, 2017

A few weekends ago was college move-in day. Thousands of parents across the U.S. engaged in the ritual of moving their kids into dorms and housing around campus. And like them, I moved my little princess into a small apartment a few blocks from Arizona State University. She told me she wasn’t quite ready for the “communal bathroom” experience.

On the surface, she may look all grown up, but I know this little “Sun Devil” still needs money from mom - money for books, money for food, and money for music. You name it. I’m still glad to give it.