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Payments for America’s Pastime

Summer is here and that means one thing to me: Baseball.

One of my favorite things to do is round up a group of friends and head out to AT&T Park in San Francisco or hop on BART to the Oakland Coliseum to catch a Friday night ball game. There’s not much that beats being under the lights in a packed stadium with good friends, cold beverages and watching America’s pastime. Oh, and hot dogs. It’s not baseball without hot dogs.

For simplicity, we typically designate one member of the group to purchase the tickets with their card, and the rest of the group will pay them back. This used to mean rounding up checks, tracking down cash from those who forgot to bring their share, using the ATM in the stadium (which, depending on where you bank, could carry a high fee), or just never getting paid back with an, “I’ll get you next time.”

But, with Zelle®: Problem solved. My friends can send me their share with just a few taps on their phone. And the money goes right into my bank account.

How We Are Using Zelle

We now can easily pay back the cost for tickets, beverages, food, or anything else that is bought for the group. Since I often set up the games, I’ll just put together a “Request” and send it to my friends with Zelle. This removes any questions over the amount owed and ensures everyone remembers to pay their share. It also helps remove the awkward conversation of asking everyone to pay up.

Our experience with Zelle has helped make it so much easier to settle up. In the past, nobody wanted to be the one to have to get the tickets or buy food for everyone because they’d be on the hook for getting all of the money back.

Fast forward to now. My friends are actually offering to be the one to pay for the group since Zelle has made getting paid back so much simpler.

If you’re new to Zelle, learn how Zelle works or get started here.

Now go enjoy America’s pastime!

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