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When money moves, we come together like never before.

Whether it’s dancing at a concert, road tripping down the Pacific Coast Highway with old college buddies, or serious #Adulting like chipping in for your high-schooler’s prom festivities, life is always moving. So money should, too.

Today we’re launching, “This is how money moves®,” Zelle’s nationwide brand campaign celebrating the energy and joy of life lived in motion.

The Inspiration

When money flows freely, life becomes dynamic, and we flow forward seamlessly and effortlessly in harmony – with the rhythm of life. The campaign theme of This is how money moves was inspired by spoken word, and is emblematic of how we feel money should move and flow. Our theme, Rhythm and Flow, symbolizes an intersection point between money and life. Money moves emotions, it moves between people, and it enables how we want our lives to move forward. This is how money moves was designed to drive awareness, education and credibility about Zelle, a new way to send money from your banking app.

The Journey

We launched the Zelle brand nearly one year ago. Since June, banks and credit unions across the U.S. have been rolling out Zelle to their customers directly through their banking app. With the Zelle app now available through the App Store and Google Play for people with banks not yet in the Zelle Network®, it’s time to start spreading the news.

This is how money moves kicks off as a digital-only campaign because of the nature of what Zelle is – a digital payment network. Over the next few months, you’ll engage with fun, light-hearted, creative across a number of different digital channels. You’re going to see clean, modern, and intuitive content, with bold brand colors and funny couplets. You’ll begin to see more banks and credit unions joining the Zelle Network and advertising Zelle to their own customers.

When you’re chatting with friends and family on social media, listening to music, streaming your favorite shows, or just searching for a new recipe online, you’ll probably stumble across our ads rhyming about payments flowing between people of all walks of life – from moms, dads, roomies, coworkers, dog walkers - or from the guy who’s too sore to walk, to the trainer who’s built like a rock.

We’re going to be in a lot of different places.


Because Zelle isn’t just for millennials. It’s for almost everyone. And our job is to educate more than 102 million people – what we call the Mobile Majority, an audience defined by their mobile usage - on this fast, safe and easy way to send money. And even pleasantly surprise millions that they already have Zelle in their banking app. That there’s a way to make things more convenient for them. Offered by banks and credit unions they already trust across the country. This campaign is about telling stories about a life outside of cash and checks - that connects people and inspires them to keep flowing – to whatever their “rhythm” in life is.

The Perfect Partner

With a campaign influenced by the fluidity and imagery of the spoken word art form, who better to help us introduce and articulate what Zelle is than a master of spoken word: Grammy and Tony Award-winner Daveed Diggs.

From his roots in hip hop, brilliant performance in Hamilton, hilarious character on Black-ish, and his exciting upcoming film projects, Daveed’s passion for art can be felt in everything he touches. Daveed partnered closely with us on developing a final script that was culturally relevant, authentic, fresh and never attempted before – making sure it stayed true to his high artistic standards (and Mom’s – his biggest fan and active Zelle user). Our partnership felt harmonious from the beginning, and we’re excited to show you what we’ve created together early next year.

We know that dealing with money is serious business. And we take great responsibility in helping to keep yours safe. But we hope that this campaign will stand out, not be too serious, bring a smirk to your face and hopefully make you laugh out loud along this journey. So let’s get going.

Zelle. This is how money moves®.