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Catch a Flick, Pay Back Quick

Delicious food. Great music. Incredible vibe among neighbors. An all-around great BBQ! Why end the day now?

During a recent apartment BBQ event, these thoughts ran through Michael B.’s mind. As the event wrapped up, he was eager to extend the night and catch the latest movie. Ten neighbors were in the same state of mind and agreed to see Ocean’s 8, but timing was tight. There wasn’t enough time to get ready and wait in line for tickets at the box office.

And then there’s the problem of seats. Have you ever made a last-minute decision to catch a movie with friends? If you have, you’ll understand not wanting to be “that group.” You know, the group that walks in. Scans the dark theater. Is hopeful for decent seats. Whispers loudly to other moviegoers, “Is that seat open?” But quickly comes to the stark realization that the only seats remaining may require a trip to the chiropractor the next day.

Does anyone actually like the front row seats?

Zelle® to the Rescue

How could they all sit together in decent seats when they were running out of time to make it to the movie at all? Each person could purchase a ticket online with their own credit card and select a seat, but this still required 10 separate transactions.

“This seemed too complicated,” said Michael. “With 10 of us, we just wanted a simple way to do things.”

The chance of getting 10 good seats together was slim. One of Michael’s neighbors, Max, offered to purchase all 10 tickets online if each person could pay her back before the movie. Rather than coordinate seat selection and enter 10 different credit card numbers, Max could make a single purchase online for all of the tickets before heading to the theater—saving time and guaranteeing the group got to sit together.

Max suggested the group use Zelle to pay her back. She used Zelle often to send and receive money with her family because it is fast, safe and easy. With the group all using Zelle to easily pay her back, the money would go directly to her bank account and the group would save time and an unnecessary trip to the ATM.

How they used Zelle

All they had to do was access Zelle within their banking app, enroll with Zelle (if they already weren’t), select Max as the recipient (using the mobile number she enrolled with Zelle) and enter the cost of their movie ticket. That’s it! The money everyone paid Max went right into her bank account within minutes1.

“The night went so smoothly,” said Michael. “There were no hiccups—from hanging out, to getting good seats, to having a secure and simple way to send money to Max.”

The group got to see a movie without being that group, and Zelle made it fast, safe and easy for Max to get reimbursed. Max got paid back within minutes1 — and the money went directly into her bank account – with no steps in between. No IOUs necessary. Just another fun movie night to schedule.

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