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December 09, 2022
A New Year, A New Way to Pay

Late last year, we asked the Zelle® Twitter community about their money habits. And, let’s just say, we’re not surprised at the results.

Spoiler alert: More people prefer digital payments these days and are ditching checks and cash.

Here’s what else we found out.

Checks are so last year(s)

About 64% of voters in our Twitter poll received zero to five checks in 2017. No surprise as the use of checks are on the decline across the U.S., according to a Federal Reserve Payments Study. Checks can be cumbersome and slow, which is why many of you aren’t using them and are turning to digital payment methods like Zelle.

Trips to the ATM, still a thing.

While check usage is on the decline, many of you are still using ATMs – whether to withdraw cash, deposit checks or, perhaps, just take a peek at your account balance.

Digital dominates.

No surprise here. Most respondents prefer peer-to-peer (P2P) payments over checks and cash. Why use cash or write a check when there’s a fast, safe and easy way to send money to almost anyone with just a few taps on your mobile phone.

Money resolutions for the New Year

So how do those results compare to how you moved money in 2017?

Still writing checks or using cash? Send and receive money with peace of mind and without the hassle. Resolve to try a fast, safe and easy new way to pay in 2018. Get started with Zelle today.

What are your other 2018 money resolutions? Tweet us @Zelle and let us know.