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3 Reasons Why Busy Parents Use Zelle®

Sequin notebooks, new backpacks, and superhero folders. With school-aged kids, you know what time it is: back-to-school! While this is an exciting time of year, many families can feel strapped for time as kids’ schedules get filled with after-school activities and other commitments.

Yes, kids are busy. But parents are even busier. From driving your kids to soccer practice, to picking them up from their dance class, to organizing a girl scout troop field trip, the after school activities can start to pile up.

Typically, these activities also come with expenses. But there’s an easy way to manage payments and money owed for things like team dinners other items that may come up throughout the school year.

Here are a few reasons busy moms and dads are using Zelle® to save time and keep up with back-to-school money matters (and the Super Doer PTA Mom) with just a few taps on their mobile phone.

Cash and Checks are Inconvenient

We know this. You know this. Busy parents don’t have days to wait for a check to clear or time to stop at the ATM on the way to football practice.

In fact, according to the 2021 report, Digital Payments and Lifestyles in a Post-Vaccine World, fewer than 10% of respondents prefer to use cash/checks with other parents.

Next time, suggest fellow parents ditch the “old school” and use an easy way to send and receive money with other parents for the team’s pizza party. Introduce them to mobile payments using Zelle®through their bank app (or standalone Zelle® app if their bank doesn’t offer Zelle®). With Zelle®, they’ll be able to easily send and receive money with friends, family, and people they know and trust at different banks1 – for lots of things, not just pizza.

Urgent Money Matters Happen

Life happens. You got busy and forgot to send money to Tommy’s dad for the team uniforms and the order is due today. When things come up in the moment, Zelle® is a fast, safe, and easy way to send money to another parent or coach when they need it quickly. The money will be available directly in their bank account within minutes1.

It’s Awkward Asking to be Paid Back

You can avoid the awkward text or in-person conversation and simply send a friendly request2 to the moms or dads who may have forgotten and still owe their share.

Parents are juggling a lot these days. Remembering who’s paid and who still owes can be a challenge. Within the Zelle® activity page, you have a quick reference of payment history right on your mobile phone, so it’s easy to keep track of payments and send a friendly reminder to anyone who still owes.`

Here’s how to get started sending and receiving money with friends and family this school year.

  1. Look for Zelle®in your banking app.

Check your banking app (or go to Get Started) to see if your bank or credit union offers Zelle®. If it doesn’t, you can download the Zelle®app for free in the App Store or Google Play.

  1. Complete a few quick steps to enroll through your banking app or the Zelle® app.
  2. Start sending and receiving money!

Type in the recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile phone number and enter an amount to send. They will get a notification you sent them money and instructions on how to enroll (if they’re not already enrolled), and you’ll have a record of the payment.

If you are sending money to someone for the first time, make sure it is someone you trust and that you have the correct phone number or email address before you proceed with the payment.

Managing back-to-school schedules and school-related costs can quickly get jumbled and add complexity to your life. Fortunately, you can use Zelle® to make life flow a little easier. Send, request, and split expenses like teacher gifts, school supplies and team dinners right from your fingertips.

And, hey, we can’t promise it, but you could be labeled as the cool, tech savvy mom or dad.