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Whether it’s to reconnect with fellow alumni at a homecoming football game, or a quick trip to see your favorite band play in another city for the night, road trips with friends are a blast – and go by too fast.

Before hitting the road, map out some of the details so things like determining who owes for what doesn’t slow you down. Here are a few tips to keep you moving and on your way to a memorable weekend.

My week nights are spent chauffeuring my son to and from practice, and my weekends going from one game to the next. It. Never. Stops. And, while it's tiresome, and I may complain at times, I do love it. There is nothing better than seeing your kid’s smiling face as he slides safely into home plate, or the fist pump he gives you before going out to the court to win the championship basketball game.

Those smiles and tears of joy (and sometimes a heartbreaking loss) cost money!

A new school year means reconnecting with old friends and making new ones – not just for the kids, but for parents too. While we love that our kids get to participate in fun activities, all these costs can add up and become overwhelming. Below are tips for broaching the topic of payback with other parents and how using Zelle® can help make splitting1 costs fast, safe, and easy.

When it comes to splitting expenses this school year, you don’t need to write a check, withdraw cash from an ATM or make a trip to the bank. Zelle® makes it fast, safe and easy to share costs, send and receive money when you’re in college.

Today, when distance divides us, mobile payment services are the best option to get money to your student quickly, safely, and easily. The number of people using mobile payments is continuously rising in the U.S. On the outside, college students may look all grown up, but they'll still need cash from mom and dad from time to time. Zelle® makes it easy.