Are you ready for this?

An exclusive sneak peek at the Zelle® Advertising Campaign


In 2017, the Zelle Network® processed more than 200-Million real-time transactions valued at nearly $75-Billion. This is How Money Moves®

2017 was a banner year for Zelle! Together, we accomplished what many said was impossible. We launched the industry's first real-time person-to-person payments network, and we made it easier, faster and safer to send money, between banks, to friends and family.

On behalf of the team at Early Warning, I want to express my gratitude for all you and your teams have done to get us here, and to share my excitement for what is still to come.

Next week, Zelle will kickoff its first nationwide advertising campaign. We set an aggressive goal of 50% peak aided awareness of the Zelle brand. This required us to be different, to stand out in a crowd of advertisers, to be memorable. Zelle will feature Tony and Grammy award winning Daveed Diggs, using spoken word art, to bring to life how money is exchanged in the modern world. Television advertisements will run alongside major cultural milestones in the first quarter, including the Grammy's, the NBA All-Star Game, the NFL playoffs, and the Super Bowl LII pre-game show.

An exclusive preview of these advertisements is included in this letter. We are confident these spots will be well received. Consumer testing came in off-the-charts, with feedback on our flagship 60-second spot rating more than double industry-benchmarks for likeability and recall.

Together, we're revolutionizing how money moves with one of the most significant branding partnerships in banking history. Thank you for being part of the journey.

Paul W. Finch
Chief Executive Officer
Early Warning


Bold. Rhythmic. Relevant.

The Zelle marketing campaign invites consumers into a stylized world where money moves fast, safe and easy. Starting this week, Zelle will be featured in a set of highly-rated television commercials, and supported with print media, out-of-home sponsorships, and digital media.